How to Play


TILT to run, FLICK to fire, TAP to jump

Alien Compendium

Tetra (Green Alien)

Tetra most often invade moons and other seemingly barren planets where they can absorb tiny microbes with their tentacles. They might be cute, but they’re deadly. You’ll be glad to find that one hit with an SM405 is all it will take to dislodge a tetra from their lunar habitat.

Jaws (Yellow Alien)

Jaws prefer the magenta fields where they can hide in the thick weeds, waiting for their prey in the thick grasses.

Mech (Robotic Alien)

Mech are bio-mechanical creatures that feed on electric currents. They are the toughest of aliens! Not only do they take two missile hits to dislodge from the host planets, they also have a nasty defense mode.

Krim (Red Alien)

Krim thrive in the heat of molten crust. Hot air rises, so watch out … not only are they fast, they can float above the lava flows (you’ll have to jump).


SM405 (Stun Missile)

The SM405 is the humane way to remove any alien pest. Best of all, the patented technology ensures they won’t be coming back anytime soon.